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Interview of Anri

Yoga for Recovery

Anri hopes to provide a relaxed environment where practitioners can practice at their own pace. 1 - 1, couples or in a small group session, we can focus on a particular area of the body that may be hurting or need strengthening, such as painful shoulders, lower back discomfort and knees and ankle issues.  

Yoga Bou and other props

If you have been to Anri's class, you know she loves to use props. Yoga Bou is one of them. It is a therapeutic tool from Japan that is well-known for helping people with shoulder issues by mobilising the upper body. This intelligent tool can also correct alignment by supporting the spine and activating core muscles in the asana class. Myofascial Release using the Therapy Balls can alleviate pain from tight and stiff body parts, making yoga accessible to those with injuries or with less experience in yoga.

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