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Interview of Anri

Shoulder and Back Care

Besides teaching grounding Hatha, and uplifting Vinyasa classes Anri is passionated about sharing techniques that can bring instant relief to tension in the Upper and Lower Back. 

Students working with injuries are welcome in her Yoga Therapy classes. She hopes to create an nurturing environment where every student can benefit at every stage in their lives.

Yoga Bou and Therapy Balls

If you have been to Anri's class, you know she loves yoga props! Yoga Bou is one of them - a  therapeutic tool from Japan well-known for helping people with shoulder issues by mobilising shoulder joints and opening chest. When used in asana class this intelligent tool can also correct alignment by supporting spine, by activating core muscle. Followed by the use of the Therapy Balls helps to relieve pain and tension the trigger points across the body. Making stretches accessible to those with injuries or with less experience in yoga.

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